Upon winning the title of Miss Colorado 2019, Monica Thompson made it part of her mission to create a school program to teach students about kindness and resiliency. Inspired by her favorite animal, Monica brings her trusty sidekick, "Kindness Chicken" to Elementary Schools. She talks with classes about important character building traits and never giving up on your dreams.


Monica has also spoken to Middle School, High School, and College groups about her personal platform, Building Strong Girls. Telling her story of growing up with a single mom and two sisters, Monica shares of the importance of mental health and how we can develop the next generation of women to be strong, confident, and healthy. 


With her background in theater and the performing arts, Monica has also spoken to students interested in artistic studies about her experience as a professional actor. 


If you are interested in having Monica come speak to your students, please email info@misscolorado.com to set up a time! Follow Monica on Instagram at @MissAmericaCO.