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Miss America Organization Licensee Grievance Policy


Scope: Address Local & State Organization Concerns. 

Purpose: Receive and facilitate the resolution of unresolved Local and State grievances. A fair process to resolve real issues of fact-      based grievances which were unable to be resolved at the State Organization level. 

    This does not replace your existing process for resolving local and state grievance concerns. Should a grievance remain                        unresolved in your state, this is another avenue for resolution. A State Organization may adopt this process if preferred, but                it is not necessary to change what is already working for your organization. 

Policy & Procedure 

Grievance Notification: After unsuccessful resolution attempts with State Organization, Grievant can file an online submission to      MAO’s Office of the CEO/President at

    *Depending on the nature of the grievance, it may be required to be turned over to legal counsel. 

    *Submission to include detailed attempt(s) for resolution, as well as details of the complaint, including social media posts, emails,          etc. 

    *Submission is confidential in nature and grievant must agree to confidentiality. Identity of grievant may be shared with interested        parties to properly investigate grievance and obtain resolution. 

    *Multiple grievants will file individually, however they may be bundled during the investigative process. 

Grievance Committee: to review and investigate grievance. Random selection of three (3) members from Licensee State EDs and      MASTA members for each occurrence, it is not a standing committee: 

    Grievance against ED or volunteer – two (2) State EDs and one (1) MASTA member 

    Grievance against Titleholder – two (2) MASTA members and one (1) State ED 

    Selected panel is required to sign Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form before proceeding. 

Grievance Committee Proceedings: first committee meeting to be held within ten (10) days of MAO’s notification that                  grievance is accepted. 

    At conclusion of investigation, the randomly selected Grievance Committee will make recommendation for any appropriate                  corrective or disciplinary action to Miss America Board of Trustees within thirty (30) days. 

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