Miss Colorado Competition

Competition Categories & Scoring

Preliminary Competition

Private Interview - 35%
On-stage Interview/Social Impact Pitch - 15%
Talent - 35%
Red Carpet (Evening Wear) - 15%

Final Night Competition

Composite Score (From Preliminary Night Scores) - 40%
On-stage Interview - 10%
Talent - 35%
Red Carpet (Evening Wear) - 15%
Final Conversation/Final Ballot (Top 5 Only)
Private Interview
This is an opportunity to show the judges who you are and why you should be Miss Colorado.  The Private Interview is 9 minutes and 30-seconds followed by a 30-second closing where you may use the time however you choose.  The interview is a total of 10 minutes.
On-stage Interview/Social Impact Pitch
You will be asked a question which is a continuation of your private interview.  This question will be written at the conclusion of your private interview with the judges.  Immediately following your response you will deliver a 20-60-second Social Impact Pitch (take a look at one here).  It can include a statement on the initiative's importance, your work and plans for the initiative, or other information.
Your talent selection is a chance to showcase your personality and unique talent.  Don't be afraid to think creatively - not everyone is a talented singer, dancer, or pianist.  Remember, our current Miss America, Camille Schrier performed a science demonstration (you can take a look here!).
Red Carpet (Evening Wear)
Your choice of evening wear, color and style.